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We all have different styles, favorite colors and completely different taste. Some of you may look at this site and think it is ugly. Others may look at this site and think that it is amazing. Before we can start your project we need to have a good understanding of what your style is. We will ask you to come up with three websites that you like and the three main colors that you would like in your site. This will help us understand your vision of what you want.

Knowing What You Want

One of our expert designers will call you to get a feel of what you are wanting. This phone call will allow him to understand your vision and the direction you would like to go better. Please do your best to express your thought the best possible way. Most of the time one phone call will be all that is needed. If the designer has any further questions he will contact you.

Building Your Site

After the phone call the designer will get started on your site design. After he has an idea of what you want he will start. Once he has the initial design finished he will email it to you for your approval. At this point you can request any changes be made. Once you and the designer have agreed on a design, he will then turn it over to the website coder to be built. Once he is finished building it he will send you a url to view the site.

Finished Website

Now that your site is finished we need a server and a .com, so that people can view it. We can put it on one of our servers or we can show you how to set one up. When it comes to buying your .com we have a lot of experience and can help you find the right one. If you already have a .com then we can direct if for you and your site is finished.

Now that your site is finished it’s a good time to start thinking about a blog, S.E.O. and anything else you can do to promote your business. We have experience in all these areas and would love to help move your company forward. Please feel free to contact a representative to get more information.

Albert Einstein says “Insanity, doing things the same, expecting different results”

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